Grounding – Healing Trauma

In trauma, people often become disembodied and lose their ground. In other words, in order to survive and sustain life, subconsciously we numb our body and avoid feeling and connecting to our physical sensations. Although that can be a good temporal coping strategy, its long-term effects can be devastating for one’s overall wellbeing.  Hence, an important part of healing trauma is learning to re-establish our ground and to begin the process of slowly reconnecting to our body.  Grounding will help to create a feeling of safety only when it is directed and supported by a trained professional. Especially is cases of severe trauma, grounding and reconnecting to the body is something that traumatised idividuals will continue to resist in order to protect themselves from reexperiencing the trauma. However, through therapy and embodied interventions, a sense that one cannot so easily be knocked off balance by emotions or sensations begins to be re-established.

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