What is couples therapy?

Couples therapy is a systematic way to look at all the dimensions needed to have a strong and healthy relationship. In fact, many couples choose to engage in couples therapy in order to prevent their relationship from failing.Couples Therapy is a safe dialogue that encourages couples the bring up issues that, when couples handles by themselves, can very often descend into misunderstandings or recrimination. When communication breaks down and we no longer feel heard or are able to listen, couples therapy can be the way forward. In the consulting room, everyone can feel safe to express and feel listen to, and as a result, progress can be made in the right direction.


Opening up to a new relational space


Knowing your relational patterns


Working through relational traumas


Positive relational transitions

Common fears:

a Therapists taking sides.

Therapist may not be on my side - There is no such a danger, therapists are professionally trained to solely focus on the relationship itself.

a It is too self-indulging

Perhaps the opposite - one of the most generous things that we can do for one another.

a It is too late

Perhaps you have decided to bring the relationship to an end - Therapy can help you to process that decision together and meet the transitions involved.

Why do I need couples therapy:

Relationships are complex and require investment of time and other resources. They are in constant ‘work-in-progress ‘mode. They are also one of the most fertile grounds for emotional development among people. When we depend on others for comfort, support, and feelings that we matter, it is easy to get disappointed when our partner isn’t quite as responsive as we would like them to be. When we express our feelings about what is missing, our partner may feel criticized instead of sympathetic to us, and we may end up feeling even more alienated, alone, or distant in the process. Over time unresolved relationship issues can become like chronic pain and  may lead to build up of resentment, increased arguments, tendencies to disengage, and thoughts about ending the relationship. Having a trained professional listening and facilitating a process of becoming more conscious of your relational patterns and knowing yourself better can have a huge positive impact on your relationship.

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Understanding Couples therapy