Couple relationship issues

Lack of healthy communication.

Over a period, it is possible that a couple develop lots of emotional triggers that dampen the ability to see and listen to the other person.

Lack of healthy boundaries between the couple.

Like a healthy skin creates the boundaries between the body and the environment, healthy relational boundaries are essential for a harmonious relationship.

Power Imbalance.

Relationships involve constant negotiation of space, time and choices. When these negotiations create imbalance of power, usually that can create friction in a relationship.

Unrealistic expectations can be another source of strain in a relationship.

This usually happens when one demands of oneself so much and is dissatisfied; and then subconsciously, can place unrealistic expectation on the other as well.

Unresolved baggage of past experiences, beliefs and emotions.

Unresolved baggage of past experiences, beliefs and emotions can also burden
the journey of being together.

It’s a long list.

Like any other aspect in life, sources of challenges in a relationship
can be complex, many and multifaceted.

Symptoms of issues in couple relationship

Relating in a controlling, dependent, possessive or distant way.
Unable to feel loved and accepted by the other.
Feeling that you are more like a parent or a rescuer for the other.
Feelings of inadequacy and constantly being criticised.
Unable to express and share emotions.
Constantly being on guard or alert as if you are always making mistakes or feeling that you have to correct the mistakes of the other.
Constant feeling that something is wrong or is about to happen.
Unsure of how to make ourselves feels good; we are constantly looking towards our partner to get what we need.

How therapy can help


Greater awareness, greater freedom

Needless to say, relationships are complex and sources that can create friction can be multi-layered. In therapy, with the help of those who are aware of this complexity couple can go through a process of bringing greater awareness of certain unhealthy patterns. When there is no awareness of those unhealthy patterns, they can control us; it is like having a hypnotic effect.


Learn to communicate

In relationships, it is so easy to create strong emotional reactions towards the other. Strong emotions in turn can mar our ability to see and listen to each other. Therapy offers safe and respectful space to express, to listen and being listened to; these are keys to any healthy relationship. Couples can also techniques to grow in the communication abilities as well.


Heal, let go and travel light

If you think of couple’s life as a journey together, it is far too easy to have a ‘baggage’ that becomes heavier and heavier. Therapy can help to look the other through a different perspective, thus being able to heal and be healed, forgive and be forgiven. This in turn should make the journey together lighter.


A lot more

Every relationship is unique, so is the relational patterns couples create. Therapeutic space can offer you: the possibility to affirm all the goodness that is already there; to explore areas for growth; to design healthy behavioural patterns that address your needs; thus making relationships a source greater life for each other.


Taking care of yourself can be taking care of the other.

Often traditional approaches to couple therapy focus on understanding the needs of each partner and finding ways to facilitate change in order to meet them. Couples are told that if they accommodate each other enough they will find balance and happiness in their relationship. More recent approaches focus on developing our abilities to care for ourselves emotionally – allowing our partner to come close and get distant without overreacting. Understanding our attachment pattern and finding balance in our ability to regulate emotionally is a key aspect of couple therapy work. Working on the fear of losing or being hurt by our partner, allows for greater freedom and intimacy.


Release the other for your happiness, thus free yourself

Release the other for your happiness, thus free yourself. Research suggests that working on how to relate differently within ourselves can be the answer to all ‘ills’ in our struggle to relate to others in intimate relationships. You can learn methods that can help to recognise and accept all parts of the other and no longer trying to mould them into the confining roles of parent/protector/redeemer/ rescuer. Also releasing the other from the constant responsibility to make you feel good/happy etc., can have the power to free yourself, thus being happy.


Reclaim the freedom to be yourself.

It is far too easy in relationships to have boundaries blurred. There are also complex ways in which we control and are being controlled; such relational patterns can be subtle. Often, this may mean curtailing the freedom to be oneself in a relationship which in turn causes feelings of resentment and anger. Therapeutic space helps to explore ways to bring healthy boundaries and create space and freedom for both to be themselves. A relationship is at its best, when two individuals are their best.

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